Wow, what many memories! Miami, Atlanta, Princeton, Sudan, South America, Havana, Toronto,   Albuquerque... Never a dull moment. I met Silvia in the 90’s when she started attending our Vision for a Christian Cuba meetings, later to become Echo-Cuba. She was a very active participant with her deep knowledge of Cuba, both from childhood to constant study. Quickly we recognized her passion for the underserved and underprivileged. We would talk at least once a month from then on. This passion for the poor never waned. To the point of abuse, her Spirit never let up. She was tireless in wanting to help people in their plight. I truly admired her tenacity.

She loved her family. It was a joy to visit with her and Kima in Havana back in 2016. I could tell she was so excited to have her there. And I have tracked her book, having been asked to write the Preface, as she joyfully produced a family keepsake. I hope that it is being preserved, and I was hoping to see the finished product shortly. She was very excited about doing this with her granddaughters. And Michael, she loved you very much. And I thank you for being there for her, particularly in her final days on earth.

I will miss Silvia. I will miss her lengthy calls. But I know we will catch up again one day. She is onto a new and exciting chapter. And I am sure God is getting an earful.

— Skip Allcorn