Anyone who has known Silvia, especially over the last eight years, was aware of her active membership in the Eucharistic Catholic Church, where she served faithfully as both priest and chancellor.

An independent Catholic community, the Eucharistic Catholic Church strives to be what the Roman Catholic Church was called to embody – a place where married clergy, women with vocations to ordained ministry and gay couples who wish to dedicate their lives to each other are welcomed, not rejected. The true call to Christian faith is not to look down on anyone, but to celebrate our essential equality in Christ.

My life has been a pilgrimage, too often taking me through the valley of the shadow of death, because almost fifty years ago the Roman Catholic Church told me that if God had wanted me to be a priest, he would not have made me blind. 

After hearing Abp. Roger being interviewed on the radio about five years ago, I contacted him to tell him about my lengthy and unfulfilled vocation.This led first to my profession as a Franciscan of the Annunciation and then my ordination, which took place on 26 October, 2020. 

Our community is blessed to have the internet to keep us in constant contact, and this is where I met Mtr. Silvia. Despite her ongoing issues with health and housing, she found the time and the compassion to be my spiritual director during the latter part of my journey to the priesthood. Her regular advice and counsel were beyond price. And she heard my lifetime confession before my ordination. 

Silvia will always be remembered by those who were privileged to be a part of her life. Her prayerful dedication, despite numerous personal difficulties, is a challenge to each one of us to live the Gospel hope each and every day.

— Rev. Adrian Seán Madsen