These are photos of Paul, me & our late friend. Silvia Gonzalez. She was originally from Cuba. This friendship started right after we started going to Toronto International Celebration Church  (TICC) in Sept 2000.

Silvia had an amazing memory & super skills as an administrator with NGOs — Non-Governmental Organisations. She could raise tens of thousands for churches & charitable organizations! Terrific penmanship!! Silvia's health had always been a challenge!

Silvia, Paul & Mabel would have wonderful updates over lunch in preppy downtown restaurants. These were interrupted by Silvia's trips to Cuba and the USA. Paul & Mabel did have thoughts of visiting Sylvia in New Mexico.  On December 20, 2020, Silvia succumbed to Covid 19. Her son, Michael informed Paul & me. Her grandaughters are her greatest delight. We'll see you in the sweet bye & bye, Silvia!!!

— Paul and Mabel