I first met Silvia in September 2019 when she invited me to help her with a project she was working on for her friend, Gene Jones. In the beginning of our relationship, she was a leader to my husband, Marvin, and me. Marvin and I quickly became friends with Silvia, and she became my mentor for a few months.  

Silvia had lots of ideas that led to more ideas which led to her forming a team of more people, over the next few months, to help with the project. It was clear from the start that she had a passion to help others, and she selected people who had a passion that matched her own. That passion was the energy that kept her going.

So many of her ideas and thoughts are still in my email folders, as I’m sure is true with my colleagues who are on this team. What started as Silvia wanting to help a friend realize a dream of helping others has now become a legacy to be carried on by the new friends she made along the way. May she rest in peace.

— Marvin and Patricia W.