This is an intricate moment for me to write about Silvia because it seems too surreal.  This is just a short version of our friendship because it is too lengthy to cover.

I met Silvia over 23 years ago, from the time we began communicating we were connected.  It felt as if we knew each other for years.  We became closer as we shared our life experiences, we cried, we laughed then dived into plantain chips and Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Silvia was a “go getter” always busy working on many projects. She was courageous, full of enthusiasm, and passion for her work. She enjoyed helping others, pushing them to the max ensuring their goals are accomplished. I will forever miss my friend; she holds an exceptional place in my heart and life.

“Sleep my dear friend until we meet again in Our Father God’s house.”

I LOVE YOU Silvia.

— Elvira