About Silvia

She was the daughter of Roberto and Maria Olga Gonzalez. She was the mother of Michael Lenaghan and Regina Lenaghan-Messick. She was the mother-in-law of Emieke Geldof. She was a devoted and loving Abuela to Kima and Kalia Lenaghan.

It’s difficult to sum up her life in just a few words.

She was born in Cuba, and a refugee of the revolution. Over the course of her life she lived in Guines; Miami; New York City; Chicago; Philadelphia; Chantilly; Washington, D.C.; Chevy Chase; Miami Beach; Clearwater; Princeton; Toronto; Darfur; Albuquerque — and more.

Her work was equally varied: UN translator; English teacher; assistant to the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates; assistant to Senator William F. Buckley; host of two local television programs in Miami; head of the federal government’s Cuban-Haitian Task Force in South Florida; consultant; magazine publisher; communications director for the Miami Zoo; regional program manager for World Vision Canada; education specialist for World Bank; country director for Humedica in Sudan; grant writer — and more.

The second half of her life was increasingly dedicated to helping those who needed it the most. And with that her relationship to God became ever more important.

She was a powerful woman of incredible energy. And she had an amazing ability to quickly create lasting friendships.

It’s so hard to believe she’s gone.